RU6888r Mosfet Datasheet Full Details Download Free

Thank you for visiting our thorough manual on the RU6888r Mosfet Datasheet. This page aims to give you all the details you require about the RU6888r Mosfet in an easy-to-understand manner. This tutorial will arm you with the knowledge necessary to comprehend the RU6888r Mosfet and its specifications, whether you are an electronics hobbyist, a student, or an expert in the industry. So let’s start right now!

RU6888r Mosfet Datasheet Full Details Download Free

What is a Mosfet?

MOSFETs, also known as metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors, are frequently used in electronics for amplification and switching. It is used by numerous electrical devices, including power supplies, televisions, laptops, and mobile phones.

Understanding the RU6888r Mosfet.

High-performance power transistors with remarkable efficiency and dependability include the RU6888r Mosfet. It frequently appears in uses like voltage regulation, motor control, and power management. Because of its distinct characteristics and specs, this particular Mosfet stands out and is a preferred option for electrical designers and engineers.

RU6888r Mosfet Specifications

Let’s examine the RU6888r Mosfet’s main features in more detail:

  1. Drain-Source Voltage (VDS): A maximum drain-source voltage of 100 volts can be handled by the RU6888r. The maximum voltage that can be applied across the drain and source terminals of the Mosfet is determined by this voltage rating.
  2. Continuous Drain Current (ID): The greatest current that can pass through a Mosfet without going over its thermal limits is specified by the continuous drain current. The maximum continuous drain current for the RU6888r is 20 amps.
  3. Gate-Source Voltage (VGS): The voltage necessary to regulate the conductivity of a Mosfet is the gate-source voltage. The gate-source voltage range for the RU6888r is -20 to +20 volts.
  4. Total Power Dissipation (PD): The overall power dissipation shows how much power the Mosfet can handle up to a point without going over its thermal limits. The maximum power dissipation for the RU6888r is 160 watts.
  5. On-Resistance (RDS(ON)): One important factor that affects how effectively a Mosfet conducts current is its on-resistance. The performance of the Mosfet improves with decreasing on-resistance. The normal on-resistance of the RU6888r is 0.02 ohms.


  • RDS (ON) = 6m (type), 68V/88A, @ 10V VGS
  • Very Little On-Resistance
  • 175 °C, 100% avalanche-tested Temperature of Operation
  • Switcher Systems Pin Description: N-Channel MOS FET, TO-220 Maximum Ratings absolute Common Ratings for Symbol Parameters (TA = 25 °C Unless Otherwise Specified) Drain-Source Voltage for VDSS Maximum Junction Temperature and VGSS Gate-Source Voltage Drain to source voltage: VD SS = 68 V Gate to source voltage: TSTG Storage Temperature R. VG SS = ± 25 V
  • Dissipation of drain power: PD = 120 W

Benefits of Using the RU6888r Mosfet

Many benefits of the RU6888r Mosfet make it a desirable option for electronic applications.

  1. High Efficiency: The RU6888r enables effective power management, eliminating energy losses and maximizing system performance thanks to its low on-resistance and strong power dissipation characteristics.
  2. Reliability: The RU6888r is appropriate for applications where dependability is essential, such as industrial control systems and automotive electronics, because it is made to work dependably in challenging situations.
  3. Fast Switching Speed: Electric motors and other reactive loads may be controlled effectively thanks to the fast switching speed of the Mosfet and its quick reaction times.
  4. Compact Size: Compact packages for the RU6888r are available, conserving critical room in electronic circuit designs.

RU6888r Mosfet Datasheet Download PDF

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In summary, the RU6888r Mosfet is a strong and effective transistor that performs admirably in a variety of electrical applications. It is a preferred option for designers and engineers due to its high power dissipation, low resistance, and dependable functioning. You can use the RU6888r Mosfet in your electronic designs with confidence if you are familiar with its features and advantages. Always refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet for detailed instructions on how to use this outstanding Mosfet.


What is the purpose of a Mosfet in electronic circuits?

In electrical circuits, MOSFETs are generally employed for switching and amplification functions. They serve as electronic switches and regulate current flow.

What are the advantages of using Mosfets over other types of transistors?

In comparison to other transistor types, MOSFETs have lower power consumption, quicker switching times, and a higher input impedance, which makes them perfect for a variety of applications.

Can the RU6888r Mosfet be used in high-power applications?

Indeed, the RU6888r Mosfet is appropriate for applications that call for effective power management and excellent reliability and is built to handle high power levels.

How can I ensure the proper operation of the RU6888r Mosfet in my circuit design?

When implementing the RU6888r Mosfet into your circuit design, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and datasheet specs. Important factors include proper heat dissipation and taking voltage and current constraints into account.

Where can I find more technical information about the RU6888r Mosfet?

The manufacturer’s datasheet is the best resource for comprehensive technical details on the RU6888r Mosfet. Detailed specifications, application notes, and electrical characteristics are all included.

Can I use the RU6888r Mosfet in automotive applications?

The RU6888r Mosfet is appropriate for automotive applications such as battery management, power distribution, and motor control. It is highly valuable as a component in the automobile sector due to its great efficiency and dependability.