How to Make Anti-Gravity Device | Magnetic Levitation Circuit Download Free 2023

Today I will show you how to make an antigravity device. You can also say that it is like gravity. I am going to show you step-by-step how to make this device. Let us begin.

How to Make Anti Gravity Device

Electromagnet play an important role in creating Anti-Gravity If you can’t make this electromagnet properly, then it will be impossible to make an antigravity device.

How to make a powerful Electromagnet

I will use nuts and bolts to make electromagnets here. I’ll screw in the copper wire bolt until it’s 11 ohms. More than 11 ohms is no problem. I have used 0.22-mm copper wire here.

I will give you some photos below, which you can understand better.

How to Make Anti-Gravity Device | Magnetic Levitation Circuit Download Free 2023

About LM358 IC

I used an LM358 op amp here. This IC is divided into two op-amps. I’ll use the op-amp here.

  • 1 no output pin.
  • 2 no pin inverting input pin.
  • 3 no non-inverting input pin.
  • 8 no positive pin,
  • 4 no negative pin.

This IC can take up to 30 volts.

lm358 dual op amp
How to Make Anti-Gravity Device | Magnetic Levitation Circuit 2023

How Will the IR Sensor Work Here?

If a piece of iron is brought before an electromagnet, the electromagnet attracts it towards itself.

If any voltage is applied inside the IR sensor, it has an IR sensor that emits invisible infrared rays. IR receivers receive these infrared rays.

Here I have placed the electromagnet and the sensor in such a way that whenever I bring a piece of iron in front of the electromagnet, the electromagnet will attract it.

The IR sensor will turn off when the iron piece is attracted. Because here the piece of iron is moving in front of the IR sensor.

As a result of which the signal of the IR sensor is blocked. As soon as the signal of the IR sensor is blocked, the electromagnet is turned off, but then the piece of iron will fall.

Whenever the piece of iron falls down the IR sensor will be activated again, and the electromagnet will pull the piece of iron up again. This is how this device will work. UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN

How to Make Anti-Gravity Device | Magnetic Levitation Circuit 2023

Describe How to Make the Circuit.

The IR receiver is connected to a non-inverting pin and I used a 4.7k resistor to enable it. An IR transmitter is safely used with a 1K resistor for infrared vision.

An electromagnet draws a lot of current, which is very difficult to carry in this IC, so I used an n-channel mosfet here.

I made a voltage divider on a non-inverting pin using a 22k resistor and to filter the voltage, I used a 4.7uf capacitor.

How to Make Anti-Gravity Device | Magnetic Levitation Circuit 2023
  • 22k resistance
  • 4.7uf Capacitor
  • 470uf 63volt Capacitor
  • 1k resistance
  • IR Receiver
  • 4.7k resistance
  • IR Transmitter
  • 5.6k resistance
  • LED
  • 1k resistance
  • Diode 1n4001
  • 22 Ohm resistance
  • Mosfet Irfz44n N-channel use
  • electromagnet coil
  • LM358 IC
How do I make electromagnetic levitation?

I will put two IR sensors facing each other under the magnet. I will first check the circuit with 5 volts to see if everything is there,

I will input 12 volts and the circuit will turn on. Why if I bring an iron object in front of an electromagnet it will float? maximum input 18volt.

Anti Gravity Device

One thing to remember is that the electromagnet’s strength and high voltage will allow it to hold heavier objects. This is an exciting project.

If you have any specific questions, please express them in the comments section, and I will respond to them. Click to know more information about Anti-Gravity Device

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Is it possible to create an anti-gravity device?

Yes, it is possible to make an antique gravity device but it has to be made with a circuit and you can hang the object. This anti-gravity device can be a school college project but it is impossible to use it in any professional work

How can I make magnetic levitation at home?

Magnetic levitation is a phenomenon in which a magnet is suspended in the air by the repulsive force of another magnet. To make a magnetic levitation device at home, you will need two magnets, a see-through tube, a clamp stand, and a marker. First, mark the same pole of each magnet with the marker. Then, set up the clamp stand and place the tube in it. Next, put one magnet inside the tube with the marked side down. Finally, place the other magnet under the tube with the marked side up. The magnets will repel each other and make the upper one levitate inside the tube.

anti-gravity machines that fly

Anti-gravity machines that fly are devices that can levitate and move through the air without using any conventional propulsion methods. They are based on the idea of manipulating the gravitational field around them, either by reducing their mass or by creating a repulsive force. Anti-gravity machines that fly have been a subject of science fiction and speculation for decades, but no conclusive evidence of their existence or feasibility has been found. Some possible applications of anti-gravity machines that fly include transportation, exploration, the military, and entertainment.