Emergency LED Light Circuit Diagram | LED Strobe Light Using NE555IC

Today, I will teach you how to create. How to Create an Emergency LED Light Circuit Diagram.

Emergency LED Light Circuit Diagram | LED Strobe Light Using NE555IC

Simple Circuit Diagram With Explanation

This is a straightforward LED wardrobe light with a well-known timer, 555. The frequency is adjusted using P1.

R1 determines the length of bursts. The highest frequency that can be set with P1 is ascertained by R4. R2 determines the current to the LEDs. As a power switch,

I used the IRL3103S SMD MOSFET (30V, 64A, 12mR), but you can use almost any low-voltage MOSFET (IRFZ44, IRFZ42, etc.).

The circuit can be adjusted for different types, colors, and LED quantities; change the value of R2.

I used 36 white LEDs (5 mm in diameter) with a maximum continuous current of 30mA (involved in 3 x 12).

The sum of the LED’s voltage drop, connected in series, must always be less than the supply voltage.

स्पष्टीकरण के साथ सर्किट आरेख

(यह एक प्रसिद्ध टाइमर, 555 के साथ एक सीधी एलईडी अलमारी लाइट है। आवृत्ति को पी1 का उपयोग करके समायोजित किया जाता है।

R1 फटने की लंबाई निर्धारित करता है। P1 के साथ सेट की जा सकने वाली उच्चतम आवृत्ति R4 द्वारा सुनिश्चित की जाती है। R2 एल ई डी में करंट निर्धारित करता है। एक पावर स्विच के रूप में,

मैंने IRL3103S SMD MOSFET (30V, 64A, 12mR) का उपयोग किया, लेकिन आप लगभग किसी भी कम-वोल्टेज MOSFET (IRFZ44, IRFZ42, आदि) का उपयोग कर सकते हैं।

सर्किट को विभिन्न प्रकार, रंगों और एलईडी मात्रा के लिए समायोजित किया जा सकता है; R2 का मान बदलें.

मैंने 30 एमए (3 x 12 में शामिल) की अधिकतम निरंतर धारा के साथ 36 सफेद एलईडी (5 मिमी व्यास) का उपयोग किया।

श्रृंखला में जुड़े एलईडी के वोल्टेज ड्रॉप का योग हमेशा आपूर्ति वोल्टेज से कम होना चाहिए।)

Emergency LED Light: Use Any?

Emergency LED lights are useful for situations where the power supply is interrupted or unreliable.

They can provide illumination and visibility in dark or hazardous environments, such as during a blackout, a fire, or a natural disaster.

Emergency LED lights are also energy-efficient and durable, which makes them suitable for long-term use and low maintenance.

Is It Possible to Make Ne555ic Emergency LED Light?

A ne555ic emergency LED light is a circuit that uses a 555 timer IC to flash one or more LEDs in a pattern.

The 555 timer IC is a versatile chip that can be configured in different modes, such as stable, monostable, or bistable.

In a stable mode, the output of the IC switches between high and low at a frequency determined by the values of the resistors and capacitors connected to it.

This can create a blinking effect for the LEDs. The output of the 555 timer IC can only drive a few LEDs, so transistors are used to amplify the current and power more LEDs.

An example of a ne555ic emergency LED light circuit is shown below. Click on this link to learn more.