BLDC Motor ESC Make Using MOSFET Circuit Download Free 2024

hi, today I will show you. how can make a controller of three-phase bldc motor? And the controller that I’m going to show you is the one that most of you have seen on YouTube. But there are very few such videos on how a drone can operate. So today I will show you three phase bldc drone modder.

1000kv Drone Motor.

A 1000kv motor refers to a brushless DC motor’s ability to turn 1000 revolutions per minute (RPM) per volt of electric power applied.

These motors are commonly used in drones and other multirotor applications due to their efficiency and power. For instance, the A2212 1000KV motor is popular for its reliability and performance in such applications.

It’s designed to work with 2S-3S LiPo batteries and can handle a current capacity of 12A/60S, making it a versatile choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Why ESC Is Used in BLDC Motor?

An Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is a crucial component in the operation of Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. It serves to manage the motor’s speed, direction, and braking efficiently.

The ESC achieves this by rapidly switching the power distribution to the motor coils, which is necessary due to the absence of brushes in BLDC motors to perform this task.

This switching is synchronized with the rotor’s position, which is essential for the smooth operation of the motor. The use of an ESC in BLDC motors allows for precise control over the motor’s speed and torque, leading to enhanced performance and efficiency in various applications.\

How to Make Bldc Motor Esc Using Mosfet

Make Circuit Diagram?

hi, here is the list of some components I will use to make the circuit diagram.

  • N-Channel Mosfet: Irfz44n Mosfet (3)
  • resistor: 10k (3)
  • diode: 1n4007 (3)
  • battery: 12V 7A

I have provided the circuit diagram if you want you can download it and make your own.

Now you are thinking that there are 3 wires in this BLDC but don’t worry about how I will connect this wire, I will see the connection as I have done through the photo.

Positive Wire Connection?

Another thing you might be wondering here is how you make a positive connection.

There are three wires in the motor, if you push the positive connection of any one of the three wires to the motor, the motor will start rotating.

Below you may find more similar circuits but these are for 4-wire bldc motors. See BLDC motor has 4 wires then you can use the below circuits. These circuits work very well.

Power Supply

The MOSFETs, gate driver IC, and microcontroller require a steady and dependable power source to deliver the requisite voltage and current. The power requirements of the motor must be accommodated by the power source.

Capacitors and Resistors

For filtering, voltage regulation, and protective purposes, capacitors and resistors are employed. They support voltage level stabilization, safeguard delicate components from voltage spikes, and preserve the circuit’s integrity.

  • Irfz 44 MOSFET   (3)
  • 1n4007 diode        (6)
  • 4.7k resistor            (1)
  • 10k resistor            (3)
  • 50k variable resistor  (1)

Building a BLDC Motor ESC Using MOSFET

Let’s get started on the step-by-step procedure for constructing a BLDC motor ESC utilizing MOSFETs now that we have a firm grasp of the fundamentals and have gathered the required parts.

How to make a 3-phase Bldc motor controller at home very easy

The BLDC Motor Wiring

It’s essential to understand how the BLDC motor is wired before building the ESC. This includes figuring out the number of phases, the connections between the coils, and the winding design. To guarantee appropriate wiring, it is crucial to consult the datasheet for the motor or do an extensive study.

Designing the Circuit Schematic

The BLDC motor ESC’s next stage in construction is to create a circuit diagram. The connections between the microcontroller, gate driver IC, MOSFETs, current sensors, power supply, and other parts are then visually represented. Clear labeling and appropriate component placement are essential for quick troubleshooting and future modifications.

PCB Layout Design

The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) layout design process can begin once the circuit schematic is complete. Assembling the components and their traces on the board according to the PCB layout ensures optimal performance, reduces interference, and maintains adequate heat dissipation.

Fabrication of the PCB

Making the real PCB takes place after the PCB layout design is finished. The construction of the PCB can be outsourced to reputable PCB manufacturers or done on one’s own using DIY techniques like etching.

Component Placement and Soldering

The assembled PCB needs to have the components properly positioned and soldered onto it. To ensure proper component orientation, safe connections, and minimal soldering errors, this phase calls for meticulousness.

Testing and Calibration

The BLDC motor ESC needs to be tested after the components have been soldered. To do this, the motor, power supply and control signals must be connected, and the desired operation of the ESC must be verified. To fine-tune the ESC’s characteristics for optimum performance and trouble-free operation, calibration could be required.

Bldc Motor Circuit Diagram Download Free

2 Circuit Diagram

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It takes a solid grasp of electronics, circuit design, and programming to build a BLDC motor ESC utilizing MOSFETs, which is both rewarding and demanding. You can develop a high-performance ESC for your BLDC motor applications by using the methods and components specified in this article together with the step-by-step procedure described in this article.

When merging the ESC with your BLDC motor, keep in mind to put safety first, double-check your connections, and fully test and calibrate the ESC. You may realize the full potential of your BLDC motor and get exact control, efficiency, and dependability with commitment, patience, and a hands-on approach.


Can I use other types of transistors instead of MOSFETs in a BLDC motor ESC?

Because of their benefits, MOSFETs are frequently used in BLDC motor ESCs, but other transistor types, such as IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors), can also be employed. To make sure the chosen transistors can manage the voltage, current, and switching speeds, it is crucial to take into account the specific needs of the motor.

Is it possible to build a BLDC motor ESC without a microcontroller?

Without a microprocessor, it is possible to construct a simple BLDC motor ESC. The ESC’s precision and flexibility are diminished by the lack of a microcontroller, which also restricts its control options. With the aid of a microcontroller, sophisticated features like sensor-based control, closed-loop feedback, and programmability are possible.

What safety precautions should I consider during the construction process?

There are various safety measures that should be performed when building a BLDC motor ESC. They include working in an area with good ventilation, donning the correct safety gear (such as gloves and safety glasses), making sure connections are properly insulated, and exercising caution when dealing with high voltages or currents. In order to prevent damage or risks, the circuitry must also be thoroughly tested and checked twice before being connected to a power source.

Can I control multiple BLDC motors using a single ESC?

It is feasible to manage numerous BLDC motors with a single ESC, but it necessitates careful planning and design. There will be different MOSFETs, gate driver circuits, and current sensors needed for each motor. Furthermore, many motors’ increasing complexity and needs must be handled by the microcontroller’s control algorithm.

How do I troubleshoot common issues with a homemade BLDC motor ESC?

There are various ways to troubleshoot a DIY BLDC motor ESC when problems arise. They include inspecting the solder joints, looking for any loose connections, confirming component orientation, ensuring adequate grounding, and making sure the microcontroller is properly programmed. Finding and solving certain issues can also benefit from consulting internet forums and resources or talking to knowledgeable people.

Are there any pre-built BLDC motor ESC kits available in the market?

There are, in fact, pre-assembled BLDC motor ESC kits on the market. These kits frequently include all required parts, such as MOSFETs, gate driver ICs, microcontrollers, and auxiliary circuitry. For individuals who prefer to concentrate on the implementation and programming aspects rather than the design and fabrication process, using a pre-built kit can be a practical solution.